We decided to provide our partners with new opportunities for additional income and created a referral program.

How it works?

After registration, you will receive an email to activate your account. As soon as you activate your account, this page will be open.

  • If you have a group, and you want to make money on it, then choose “Section for adding groups”. Make a publication with the text “SmmMoney - when your traffic brings money!” in your group. Next, copy the link to the post from your group and paste it into the field “Post URL”, in the “Group name” section register the name of your group and click the “Submit” button below. So we will receive a request and if your group meets our requirements, it will be approved, and a directory of articles will appear before you. From directory you will be able to publish articles in your group and earn money. BUT besides this, a Referral column will automatically open up before you, there you will have your own unique link to attract partners to the project.
  • If you do not have your own group, or your group has not passed the moderation, you will still be able to earn with the help of our service, by inviting new partners by a unique reflink

To do this, there is a “Section for attracting referrals,” you just have to tick off “I accept the Privacy Policy” and click the “Submit” button.

After this, you will see this section.

At the top will be the link by which you should involve partners in our project. At the bottom you will see the ID, Email of the partner you have invited and the amount you have earned from each partner.

How many percent will I get from a referral invited by me?

75% of earnings receives the partner, 20% receives the system, and 5% receives a referral.