How to make money on subscribers: different ways to monetize

How to make money on subscribers? What are the factors that affect the final income of the user? Which methods of traffic monetization are the most popular?

How to make money on subscribers in social networks? Members of groups in social networks are synonymous with income. These are people who give live traffic. It remains to understand only one thing: how to make money on subscribers and what affects the final amount of income. We will understand this further.

How to make money on subscriberswhich social networks do generate revenue There are many social networks. There are even thematic communities for people with a particular profession or hobby. It will be better to start earning with large social networks:

  • VKontakte
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

In all social networks, mentioned above, you can earn income for subscribers of a page or for members of groups. It is important to consider the type of audience of the site.



It is the most popular social network in Runet. The main audience is the youth. Besides, it has adult audience.



It is the first popular social network in Russia. The age category is mainly people from 35 years old. Of course, there can be exceptions, but young people and students use this service less often.



It is the largest social network in the world. How to make money on subscribers in this case? You just need to consider the type of audience. The social portrait looks like this:

  • the proportion of young people aged 25 to 34 is about 35% of the audience
  • from 34 to 42 is about 32%
  • under the age of 25 is only 6%
  • the proportion of men and women is 42% and 58%, respectively
  • users mainly are concentrated in Moscow and St. Petersburg
When you register the topic of the group or page you must take into account these factors. The prevailed number of Facebook users have higher education degree.



This social network is based on the placement of photos and short videos. It has huge popularity all over the world.



It is a mix of social network and messenger. It has a wide range of audience, from schoolchildren to adults.



It is a service of small messages. In general, the portrait of users is similar to Facebook, with the exception that the service is used by more Russians.



It is the largest video hosting. You need to record high-quality video for promotion. The popularity of the account depends on the content theme.

How to make money on subscribers: what are the factors that affect your income? First, let's define the final income. There is an opinion that the monthly income is approximately equal to the number of subscribers with a deviation of 10%. In fact, the statement is false. In many ways, the final profit is determined by:

  • the theme of the group or page
  • type of audience
  • users activity
  • the number of unique visitors
  • the way of monetization

Providing a permanent, practically passive form of earning is quite easy, if considering all the factors mentioned above.



Here everything is simple. Some topics are valued more, and advertisers are willing to pay higher for them than for others.


The types of audience

Some groups are mainly focused on schoolchildren and students. For obvious reasons, the purchasing power of this category of subscribers is much lower. Therefore, the process of monetization is more complicated.


Visitors Activity

Here, too, everything is quite simple. The more intense the discussion is in the group, the more it attracts new subscribers. Of course, the level of income directly depends on this.


The number of unique visitors

The more transitions are made by unique users, the more valuable the group is in the eyes of the advertiser. It is one of the most important factors


Methods of monetization

The method of extracting income directly affects its final level. Profit is gained thanks to:

  • direct advertising of foreign goods and services
  • traffic arbitrage
  • selling of own goods and services, as well as information products
  • participation in projects for monetization.

The last point allows you to get a passive type of income. About earnings on the site with Google AdSense is heard many. Some services offer to advertise in social networks and to get profit for the transition of users. For example, to receive income with the project, you only need to complete the registration procedure and every day post articles with an advertising link from the proposed catalog.

Instead of results

For receiving income in social networks you should approach to it as a business.

It will be difficult to get quick monetization without certain investments. There are a lot of ways of how you can make money on subscribers.