How to make money in social networks: tips and tricks

How to make money in social networks? What nuances should you consider when creating a group? What kind of content should you prefer?

How to make money in social networks: proven ways Questions about how to make money in social networks, are becoming more relevant year after year. A number of users believe that this ship has sailed and creating and promoting a group or public is just not profitable. In fact, this is not so.

How to make money in social networks or what affects income The main attention is focused on the number of subscribers. The logic in this case is simple: the more people are, the more transitions on posted advertising or buying goods and ordering services are. In fact, such a correlation is not always justified. The final income is affected by:

  • social portrait of participants
  • theme of the group
  • "quality" of the participants
  • method of monetization.

Each of the factors listed above is important. We'll talk about all the nuances in more detail.


Social portrait of participants

The audience of the Internet is diverse. Most often, social networks are used by people under the age of 44. Of course, the income of schoolchildren or working citizens differs greatly. Therefore, groups mainly focused on students, earn less than those created for people from 22 years old. It is also important to consider the type of social network. For example, Facebook is used mainly by residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, in other regions of Russia this site is less popular.


Theme of the group

Advertising financial products or cars is worth more than many other categories. Naturally, marketers of companies tend to place advertising posts in thematic groups. For example, the proposal to open a bank account in the bank is unlikely to meet in the group dedicated to the online game. Yes, even if the project audience reaches 1 million subscribers.


"Quality" of the participants

Previously, in the promotion of groups actively were used the so-called bots. Pages created by one person provided an extras, however, there were no other actions. That is, the quality of the traffic itself left much to be desired. The income is affected by the activity of participants and the intensity of the discussions in the group. The higher these indicators, the easier it is to find advertisers or sell your own product or service.


Method of monetization

It is one of the main parameters that determine the final income of the public. How to make money in social networks? There are many options, some of them are briefly reported above. For example, when you sell your own goods and services, a public or page in social network becomes an analogue of an online store. You can get a completely passive income through partner networks and Google AdSense. In the first case, you post advertisements of other people's proposals, the owner of the public receives a certain percentage from the paid order or from the action. In the second case, the revenue comes from passing on advertising. Some services, such as, offer to place the article selected by the owner of the group, with an advertising link installed on it from the service catalog.

How to make money in social networks: different ways to promote a group The time of cheap social marketing has passed. For a quick start, you need to invest certain funds. For example, for public advertising in other, more popular groups. When you are engaging the audience, it is necessary to take into account a number of other nuances:

  • frequency of publication
  • content quality
  • content type

The advantages of the methods are in their accessibility. Therefore, let’s consider each method separately.


Frequency of publications

During the promotion of public or group, some owners start quickly, literally filling the subscribers with mountains of information. Then their enthusiasm subsides and the frequency of placement falls. It is better to act by another method: publish posts even less often, but daily.


Content quality

It is worth saying that this is the real problem of many social networks. Plagiarism is distributed as Vkontakte as on other similar resources. It is better to invent something new, than to do conventional reposts. By the way, the last way also has the right to exist, but such information should be a minimum.


Content type

For the entertainment group, funny pictures suitable to the theme (funny images, little jokes) are quite appropriate. A more serious portal will require other information. For example, in the conditional group "All about Japan" you can publish excerpts from books by Japanese authors, interesting facts about the state, unusual holidays that are celebrated in the Land of the Rising Sun. Flight of fantasy in this case is almost unlimited.


In order to better understand the issue of how to make money in social networks, you need to make a lot of effort. This activity should be considered as a business that requires certain resources, including the time of the creator.